Euplectes Photography

This site introduces the nature photography of Udo Savalli. It is a work in progress and will some day be upgraded. There are currently 9 galleries with a total of 290 photos. The galleries are organized by geographic region, and can be selected on the map below.

Click on the highlighted areas of the map to go to that gallery.
Belize | Canada: Gaspé Peninsula | Ecuador | Kenya | USA: Delmarva PeninsulaColoradoHawaiiMaineUtah

Viewing this Site

This site is best viewed with monitors set at 1024x768 or larger and 1000s of colors (16-bit) or better.

To best view these images, you should be able to see separate shades of gray in each of the squares below. If 2 or more boxes at the end are either all white or all black (more likely), you will need to adjust your monitor.

Windows users will need to go to: Control Panels > Display > Settings tab > Advanced button > Gamma correction tab. Move the sliders until you can see separate shades in each box. If your system or monitor does not have the option to set the gamma, you can try using the brightness and contrast controls on your monitor. Mac users will usually not need to make any adjustments.


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